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Gig Guides have been around in magazine and local newspaper form for decades. Nowadays, social media and the internet generally has become the lynchpin presence in terms of venue, gig and act guides. Mark Ritchie takes a look at a brand- new, internet presence in the gig guide field.

Not so many years ago local newspapers and holiday centre guides were bulging with advertisements on the subject of who was on and where. Along came the worldwide web and the goalposts were moved. Holiday centre companies and social clubs now have web-sites, advertising their entertainment schedules. Many club members and holiday centres have their own Facebook sites and social media is vitally important to many entertainment bases businesses. could just be a game-changer and a recent meeting between UK Cabaret staff and Steve and Josie from ezygig proved to be illuminating. What we have here is a national venue gig which is free to use and, according to its designers, can direct the punters to the venues which are providing the type of live entertainment they are looking for in an instant.

UK Cabaret’s Adam Press asked the people behind the product for the answers to our questions.

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