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​Following the heartbreaking news of Michael Bubles son being diagnosed with cancer, Wayne Swift suggested a group of artists cover ‘We are the world’ to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK. (Along with being a Buble fan, Wayne is also a successful Michael Buble Tribute, as well as being one third of a fresh Take That Tribute and performing an established Swing Show). 
Many artists eagerly offered their support and travelled from all over the UK to record at Neon Studios in Burntwood, kindly offered to us free of charge by Kate & Mike Hoare, who also wrote and produced the Stephen Sutton Charity single – which made No.5 in the UK charts and sold 190,000 copies! 

Chris Brighton patiently recorded all of the individual vocals, and did an incredible job of piecing it all together and creating the final cut. In the next 2 weeks, a professional music video filmed by John Kennett will be unveiled! A rough FB Live video of artists rehearsing has already amassed almost 4500 views!

Having already been published in The Express and Star, the project has attracted interest from The Sun newspaper and multiple radio stations. 

With your help, we can keep this years XFactor winner from taking the Christmas No.1 spot – and raise lots of money for this fantastic cause!

Join our Facebook Page – Vocalists Fighting Child Cancer for more news and developments on this exciting project!’

List of people involved: 

Wayne Swift, Darrel Antcliffe, Kate & Mick Hoare, Chris Brighton, Debbie Lee Richardson, Simon Ore, Danielle Andrews, Shaun Moore, Joanna Benbow, Lawrie Jean Lees, Mark Richards, Spencer Thrower, Helen James, Tony Baker, Phil Harris, Pauline Harris, Nick James, Tim Lovett, Chris Farr, Beckii Pritchard, Sammy Jo Hall, Carla Yates, Tegan McDermott, Mitchell Joseph Thompson, Nicki Doyle, Sandra Ketland, Phoebe Doyle, Lisa Morral, Andy Kayne, Nathan Cosgrove, Jake McRae, Rory Mason, Sam Hardy, Billy Williamson, Mike Surman, Paul Clark, Godfrey Gayle, Seema Gayle, Michael Boncoeur, Darren James, John Kennett, Guy Young

and of course myself Dayton Grey and my partner Nicki Mawby.

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