January Gossip Gatherer

January Gossip Gatherer.

Our mystery collector of show business tittle-tattle is again on his/her mettle, as more pointless drops of gossip have emerged in the lives of UK Cabaret subscribers during the festive season

To Blackpool first, where the iconic Lyndene Hotel has become synonymous with quality cabaret for holiday-makers. Personality Artistes big cheese Mal Ford has become a born-again entertainer at this venue. As aside from personally managing some of the top stars in the UK, the affable Mal presents a comedy and music at the keyboards type spot, several times a week at The Lyndene. We hear that Mal found loads of presents awaiting him from customers and past and present yuletide audience members. Hopefully Mal shared the bubbly and the choccies with his missus and best mate Jean.

While out and about in Central/West London, UK Cabaret design manager Adam Press leapt upon the idea of becoming a reviewer. Adam nipped into the Comedy Store venue to catch a show. Adam’s debut review can be read in this month’s issue.

Still in ‘The smoke’, Sheerness based entertainer Zac Bauman found himself in the state of flux, after losing his car keys, whilst parked in the capitol. Thankfully the situation Bauman The Showman found himself in was resolved quite quickly, given the cost of parking in London, Zac would have needed a stack of cash on him if he had left his car for too much longer. So, does Mr Press pass muster as a reviewer? Take a look and decide for yourselves.

To Lincolnshire now where UK Cabaret have been very fortunate to secure the services of promoter and radio presenter Chris Tucker. Chris has agreed to send us reports from the area known as Skeg-Vegas, which can’t be bad!

To Shakespeare country now, where we hear that hotels in The Bard’s beautiful town of Stratford On Avon, are booking up very quickly during February. The winter attraction for once is not to latest RSC offering. The Arts House, which was formerly known as The Civic and was once the home for the Showcall Showcase, is now one of Barrie Lucas’s Showcase Productions Showcase venues (see back cover for details). UK Cabaret is covering this event. The venue is iconic and this is THE main showcase where the REAL business is done!

And finally, for this month, we head to Yorkshire, where voice teacher and all-round good guy Tony Wayne has made yet another stage comeback. Tony’s career has been blighted by illness after illness, but like a rubber ball he comes bouncing back. This led one wag to speculate that perhaps Tony’s body is constructed from the same material with which the black box on aeroplanes is made from. Tony is accepting cabaret dates again and, like the aforementioned box, he seems completely indestructible.

We will be back in the romantic month of February, when our intrepid Gossip Gatherer will be checking out the show business scene around St Valentine’s Day.

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