Billy Pearce Laughter Show review

Billy Pearce 2016 A4 A5 AdvertBilly Pearce Laughter Show

Spa Theatre, Scarborough

May 23- Sept 21

Tony Peers Productions

Choreographer- Abby Kingsley Parker

Reviewer- Mark Ritchie


What we have here is a two-hour long platform for the great Yorkshire comedian, singer, dancer and musician Billy Pearce to show most of his compendium of many talents.

With costuming and choreography of the highest calibre, the cast work hard to support this most appealing and expansive of UK entertainers. Ticket-sales were reported to be way up, with Billy on the bill at The Spa during summer season ’15. This Yorkshire comedy King was quick to say yes to a return to Scarborough for this brand new ’16 production show.

A pink Stetson clad Linda Newport gave her all as a country gal/ red-neck woman. The ever glamorous Ms Newport gives her usual great value throughout what is her umpteenth Scarborough seasonal show.

Simon Hollisey turned his hand to everything from an operatic aria to some fun song and dance routines.

Mike Carnell shone in everything, from a magical spoof, to a straight man routine opposite Pearce, whose naughty seaside postcard humour hit the mark throughout this vastly enjoyable evening out on the Yorkshire coast.

The gorgeous Charlotte Heath is a top hoofer and a tuneful singer too. Her magic routine opposite a dragged-up Billy was yet another high spot.

Given the sheer delight and goodwill created by last year’s show, plus the usual Tony Peers touches, the scene looks set for an outstanding Spa Theatre season this year.

As for Billy, he would be funny reading out of the phone book. His enduring success is not the material, although many of the gags fit the category of escapism and daftness, the gormless brand of sheer buffoonery is the true appeal of Billy Pearce.

Right on the picturesque seafront of Scarborough, the atmospheric auditorium is a stones-throw away from the shops, which sell the type of postcards bearing the humour that is Pearce’s stock-in-trade.

If summer visitors to Scarborough thought that proper seaside shows were a thing of the past, then think again. The Billy Pearce Laughter Show provides an outstanding evening out.







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