Gossip hoover June 2016

HooverJune Gossip Hoover

Once again our intrepid mystery seeker of tittle-tattle and assorted trivia has been on the prowl in search of meaningless morsels. Here we go, with more bits and pieces on our subscribers….

Mega-funny comedian Billy Pearce laid on quite a treat for his many fans, after an appearance at Wakefield’s beautiful, Matcham built Theatre Royal and Opera House. All ticket holders were treated to a shot of Sambucca after the show at a venue called Fanny and Bacardi’s, which is located close to the theatre, in the Westgate party district of Wakefield. I’m sure Billy’s gorgeous wife, Kerry will have had something to do with this idea. Kerry simply loves to party with the funny-man, she fondly refers to as ‘the hubster’.

Globe-trotting agents Barrie and Vicci Lucas are not only staunch supports of this publication, they are seldom at their Fylde coast home due to business, business and more business. Trips to America, Italy and Vicci’s native New Zealand on business must make this workaholic couple dream of the seafront at Thornton Cleveleys near Blackpool. After all, who needs the Bay of Naples, the New York Skyline and the fine Maori city of Auckland, when you can take in the Irish Sea at sunset?

Karate loving agent Richard Crossland’s social media contributions become ever more bizarre, as his descriptive powers on his time spent in white pyjamas seem to know no bounds. Apparently, recently this born again martial arts athlete has revealed his love of a bit of Shokatan, whilst accompanied by a warm mojo.  All of which sounds quite delicious. Who knows, perhaps the Crossland agency may soon be going into catering. The Gossip Hoover may have to nip into Richard’s busy office in Leeds for a spot of sushi.

Vocal technique tutor extraordinaire Tony Wayne has recently been busy with a certain female, repeatedly putting on and taking off a pair of brightly coloured knickers. Thankfully the garment was on his dog Misty, who had slipped ‘in season’ after giving birth only recently. Apparently observing the old maxim that prevention is better than cure, the knickers in question were merely serving as a temporary contraceptive device. Phew!

And finally for this month, glamorous agent Rachel Hainsworth, from Yorkshire company Flair Entertainments, is currently being wined and dined out in tropical Thailand. The Hainsworth family have family connections in the currently, but Rachel will be accompanied to the far-east by a mystery muscular minder, who also happens to her beau. So where did Rachel find her Mr Muscles? Thailand? Or some other foreign holiday hot-spot? No- It seems that the man on her arm was seen very recently by a member of UK Cabaret staff, doing his day job, behind the security screen at a certain NHS A&E department. So, once spotted, was this handsome hospital hero using his healing hands on some stricken member of the public? Again, no- our muscular man of the moment was engaged, at 1.20am, on advising a non-English speaking woman on whether or not she should fly to Pakistan or not the following day, whilst suffering from an ear infection. It seems that the gorgeous Rachel’s intrepid squeeze’s muscles are more than matched by his great patience.

More from the hoover next month, as the summer gossip hots up.




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