Sir Doddy? Should our very own comedy genius be made a knight of the realm

ken doddSir Doddy?  Should our very own comedy genius be made a knight of the realm?

As a publication UK Cabaret readers have their say right here. On our UK Cabaret Facebook site, we asked readers and other fans of the man from Knotty Ash, whether they believe Doddy deserves to be knighted. After an extraordinary career, which still shows no sign of slowing down, Mr Dodd has, in show business terms, surely done the lot.

No-one at UK Cabaret will sit on the fence, or even plays devil’s advocate on this issue. In our view, Ken Dodd should definitely receive a knighthood. Here’s what some other folk thought.  Ten of the most typical comments are below

Johnny Lea -tribute singer’, ‘On the grounds of his dedication to entertainment and lifelong service, it’s a big, fat yes from me. Hail Sir Ken’

Danny Andrews- Clubland singer. ’Is this an open invitation to knight all tax-evaders? Sir Jimmy Carr? I don’t think so.

Alan Jay- Operator of The Edgefold Club in Derbyshire,’ Arise Sir Ken’!

Amanda Jayne- former solo singer.’ I worked with him twice at The Barn in Birmingham and he was lovely. A true gentleman. Sir Ken all the way’!

Sunny Daye- cabaret entertainer’ Working on stage for so long, so often and so well deserves a lifetime achievement award, by I’m not sure anyone deserves a knighthood for simply making a personal choice and working on into old age’.

Levi McDonald- Ken Dodd fan club.’ Long may he continue to exercise people’s chuckle-muscles.’

David O’Hara- entertainment agent.’ People should not be knighted from any field for doing a job they get paid for’.

Gary Storey- official at Crossing club in Nottingham.’ I would knight Doddy and all his Diddymen’.

Martin Brown- Online manager UK Cabaret. ‘Yes he should be knighted for services to entertainment, plus all the work he does for charity, all low-key and not designed simply to draw attention to himself’.

Johnny Tait- comedian and UK cabaret contributor.’ My view is there have been people knighted who don’t deserve the honour and some people have not been knighted who do deserve it. Do you know what I mean Sir Mark’?

So, will even more work behind the scenes secure Doddy his knighthood? We’ll all have to wait and see.





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