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pure dcPure DC

Reviewer Johnny Tait


Tribute bands are now a common sight on the circuit, so who will survive in what has become an extremely competitive market? We have all seen singers/bands that claim to be a tribute to so and so and such and such, even though they look and sound nothing like the artists that they claim to be a tribute too, they just play their numbers and sing their songs.

Pure DC featuring the original drummer from AC/DC are storming the tribute market, they have just completed a national tour including headlining ‘Bonnfest’ in Scotland.

I went along to see them at The Hertford Corn Exchange. The venue was packed and judging by the amount of people wearing AC/DC T shirts, there were a lot of fans of the original band.

So could Pure DC deliver the goods?

Opening with a number entitled ‘Rock or Bust’ and fronted by Podge Blacksmith Pure DC shook the venue all night long as they delivered with pure accuracy classic AC/DC numbers such as ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘Back in Black’

If you are looking for an AC/DC tribute band look no further




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