Meltham Liberal Club

Meltham Liberal Club. 

Meltham Liberal Club was founded over 100 years ago and the original building was built back in 1894.It is a large building , typical of the style for the period it was built in. They also have a small car park and there is plenty of street parking .The inside of the building is quite impressive. Downstairs is a concert room, a lounge, a bar and toilets. Upstairs is a large snooker room consisting of 3 tables and a pool table. They also look after the disabled with wheelchair access. 

Originally the entertainment lounge was upstairs, but now has been brought down to the ground floor. Recently this area has had a £50,000 overhaul and I’ve got to say it looks very smart and tidy. 

Live entertainment takes place every Saturday evening.Once a month is a band and the other Saturday nights are  club artists. Every three weeks on a Sunday afternoon there is a band on. Details of their entertainment can be found on their website.Non members are welcome to attend  any of the above events.

They participate in snooker, pool, darts, etc plus sports on TV and also organise some interesting trips off. 

They also have various events to raise funds for charity, and have just raised over £1000 for Saint James’s Hospital. 

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the artists that give their time up to support clubs in raising funds for all the worthwhile causes that are out there. I know this takes place because on numerous occasions artists have supported events I have organised. If you are involved with a club , please keep promoting charity events. There are a lot of good causes out there , especially in these hard times, that could do with a cash injection. If you want a night out with live entertainment, then Meltham Libs.could be for you.  Sent from my iPhone

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