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Mark My Words written my Mark Ritchie Managing editor UK Cabaret.

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

In this January issue we cannot emphasise enough that 2015 is THE pivotal and defining year for this fledgling publication. In terms of man/woman hours, hard work and financial and personal commitment, since last June we have been striving to move UK Cabaret into the forefront of attention for those people who may be seeking an exclusively light entertainment publication.
We knew it would take time to establish as within the sometimes apparently insular world of the UK light entertainment sector. I was also all too aware that I had made a fair few enemies during my 16 years with The Stage newspaper. Fortunately I knew who most of them were in advance, while others have been transparent enough to make their feelings about past reviews, and other such assorted gripes, very public.
For the few who read our opening issue, I asked the loaded question if I was crazy launching a publication like this one at a time when the talent tripe rules television and the business seems to be looking inward. It seems my fears were unfounded, as subscription to our printed magazine version of UK Cabaret continues to mushroom.
I have taken the step of making sure UK Cabaret is available as a single issue magazine, as well as by annual subscription. The £25 fee also avails the subscriber to free advertising on-line and a completely free business listing.
Our on-line content manager Martin Brown understands that we just have to make money and a magazine subscription, tied to a free advertising package, would seem to be the most obvious route to that financial goal. Those who pay the meagre £25 annual fee will have access to everything we offer. Conversely those surfing the net will only see selected highlights, with the remainder archived and available to look at some unspecified time later.
2015 will see the unveiling of a brand new jobs section, which will hope will eclipse what remains of The Stage light entertainment advertising base. We are cheaper and more accurately targeted for those who want to advertise jobs with us on-line. Subscribers to the magazine version will be able to advertise their job vacancies on stage for free.
More and more companies and individuals are learning about what UK Cabaret has to offer. Last year I lost my two main sources of income. Describing myself as a ‘fat old comic who sings a bit’, I have gone back on the stage performing cabaret. The money I earn onstage helps me make a living, but also helps my continue to finance this fledgling publication. Will you join us?
The printed edition of UK Cabaret is available by paying an annual subscription. The total cost is £25 a year including delivery and packaging. The new individual cover price is £2.50 plus postage, so there is still a small saving to be made by subscribing to our printed magazine version. Readers can purchase a single issue of the magazine for just £2.50 plus P&P. Just e-mail for full details.
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