Mark my words – August 2015

Mark My Words— The Latest from UK Cabaret magazine Editor Mark RitchieOur showcase plans for the forthcoming autumn and winter period are now taking shape and I am delighted to reveal them here in full.

We only cover showcase events organised by UK Cabaret subscribers and I make no apology for using such events to spread the word about this one year old fledgling publication. Hopefully the light entertainment community is now realising that we are growing and developing the UK Cabaret brand and we are not going away anytime soon. However, we are in business too. We are not a charity and need our subscription list and advertising base to continue its upward climb.

We have experienced lots of people who register free for our web-site and seem to believe that entitles them to a place within our business listings. I have to confess that I find it more than mildly irritating when some people seem to think they are entitled to get something for nothing. As our growing list of subscribers are discovering, £25 annually for a monthly magazine, a business listing on a web-site where the traffic is heavy and a free online advertisement really is the bargain of the year.

All you have to do is 1/ e-mail mark-ritchie@btconnect.com and ask for a subscription information attachment. 2/When we receive your £25 annual payment, send us the address you want the magazine posted to and what you want to see on your business listing. 3/ Send us a j-peg with your advertisement on and we will place it online. Simples!

But back to the showcase information. Here is what we are up to.

SEPTEMBER I will be travelling to Southend on Sea on September 28th, where I will meet up with UK Cabaret reviewer Johnny Tait and together we will cover the Curtains Up showcase at The Genting Casino

OCTOBER I will be off to Butlins in Minehead, Somerset on October 13/14, where I will be providing review coverage for the JMA showcase. Agent John Mills is a staunch supporter of everything we do at UK Cabaret and we are happy to cover his big event.

NOVEMBER On the 2nd of November I will be travelling to Blackpool with meet up with the very lovely and fragrant UK Cabaret subscriber Erica Crompton at the Ribby Hall complex, where Erica will be staging the showcase of her company Bigfoot events. The following two days I will be moving on to the Viva complex in Blackpool, where agents Barrie and Vicki Lucas will be staging their Showcase Events showcase. Both the venue and the producers are subscribers to this publication and UK Cabaret staff had a great time there last year.

So, in short, we are getting out there and making this publication the voice of UK live cabaret and entertainment. If you haven’t joined us yet, or figured out that we need revenue to provide the voice and the coverage, please consider us. We are actively supporting our end of the business, unlike The Stage, who are in my view and the view of many others, both highbrow and out of touch.


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