JMA showcase 2015 session two

jmalogoJMA showcase session two.

Butlins, Minehead afternoon session

Reviewer Mark Ritchie

Compere Steve Walls was bright and breezy as ever, as bookers gathered for the afternoon session on Day two at Butlins.

A tribute to the Fab Four, which is two members short, could easily be dismissed as a terrible two, but The 2 Beatles are armed with the appropriate hair-cuts and suits as they set about their backing track heavy mini-set. A tribute attraction for the budget conscious possibly?

Singer Glen Owen performed his tribute to Bruno Mars, by opening up with what is possibly this year’s over-done showcase chestnut song, Uptown Funk. At least a Bruno Mars tribute has every reason to perform this toe-tapper and Owen was bedecked with the obligatory Mars style sporty titfer.

It must be interesting in the household of Darren& Tina Alboni. Mrs Alboni appeared first as quite simply the best Amy Weinhouse tribute I have ever come across. Not a hint of irony or parody here within the impersonation of the much-missed Back to Black singer. Instead a spot-on, utterly respectful and superbly song impression.

Next came hubby who gave an equally spot-one impression of Mick Hucknall, of Simply Red fame. Darren Alboni’s performance will have won many plaudits, while the his other half Tania Alboni delivers a spookily accurate portrayal of possibly the best female singer of her generation, who is admired and mourned in equal measure.

During an afternoon of tributes, next came Lewis Dixon, who appears in the guise of singing livewire Olly Murs. Young Dixon has the requisite cute, bundle of fun style of crowd approach and the almost obligatory jaunty hat. Of all the talent-show Johnnies, who have emerged from the Cowell machine, Murs looks as though he may be the one with career longevity and broad popular appeal. Hopefully this bodes well for those whose tribute earnings depend on an extension to the current Murs success story.

Addicted to 80’s is a four piece, well costumed genre tribute band, who gave us memories of Gorgeous George of Wham fame and a bit of Madness. Not totally live, but certainly highly bookable for those who want to remember the era of great music and grisly fashions.





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