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Our mystery collector of show business tittle-tattle is again on his/her mettle, as more pointless pieces of gossip have emerged in the lives of UK Cabaret subscribers during the main showcase season.

Sam Lyons- An apology.

We would like to apologise to the artiste known as Little Sam Lyons, due to a mention on this page last month. The Gossip Gatherers contribution was true meaning was misconstrued and meant no harm at all. However, we are not in the business of offending our subscribers. It seems that albeit unintentionally, offence was caused and we are truly sorry.

Mark Ritchie managing editor


We begin this month in the industrial north of England where, amongst the dark satanic mills, born again stage performers by the names of Barratt and Tomlinson are both proving their love for the business, by becoming true live band renaissance men. Mr Barratt has recently morphed into Doctor Phil and the Medicine Men and the good doctor is said to be having a ball on stage. While Doc Martin (AKA Mr Tomlinson) is equally gifted and equally medical, as his band Doc Martin and the Ill-Fitting Suits rip it up around the northern clubs. The band projects seem to be a happy side line for these chaps, as both are busy and successful agents. The eponymous Doctor Phil, is none other than Phil Barratt of the MBM agency in Rochdale, while on the other side of the Pennines, Doc Martin is in fact Neil Tomlinson of The Act Store in Sheffield. Are these two setting a trend?

Still in the north of England and former pop star turned solo artiste Ricky Graham has seen some exposure, in more ways than one, on the dreaded Facebook recently. Ricky who recently celebrated a milestone birthday, was a member of teenybopper chart band Child back in the 1970’s and it seems some of the bands topless publicity photos have turned up, with a pencil-slim looking Ricky sporting little more than a nifty bandana around his neck. Ooh err, Matron!

To the Isle of Wight now, where Tom Jones tribute singer Simon Howard is having lady’s underwear thrown at him on a regular basis. Simon’s show is marketed as ‘Kiss Tom’ and we are told that some of his matronly followers are being forced to loosen their corsets as ‘Kiss Tom’ does his stuff.  Are they perhaps confusing Simon with the real thing?

And finally, for this month, in the palatial office at UK Cabaret, our office manager Bev is currently preparing for the festive season, with a vast sleigh full of presents, intended for her many children and grandchildren. But will her hubby Mark be able to fill her Christmas stocking this year? No doubt we will find out next month!

We will be back in December, when our Gossip Gatherer will be checking out the show business scene surrounding more of our devoted readers, as we approach Christmas. Until then gossip lovers!

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