A word from UK Cabaret managing editor

A word from UK Cabaret managing editor Mark Ritchie

The good news this month is that we are starting to see a very slow but sure recovery in terms of the numbers of magazine subscribers.  We lost over a quarter of our subscriber list in the wake of the pandemic and every time we lose even a single subscriber, it is a discouraging to say the least, as well as constituting a real business body blow to what we are trying to achieve in the long-term at this publication.

This July issue is the first in which we display all our new and revised content. When the agents showcase shows are staged in the autumn and during the winter, we will be covering as many of these events as possible, thanks to our team of expert reviewers, Adam Press, Catherine Usher, Vicky Bailey, Johnny Tait, Trevor Davies and Mike Martin.

We have the support of most entertainment agents who matter, many venue representatives, retired performers, trade bodies and a wide variety of other interested parties as subscribers and some as advertisers, it is now time to press forward and improve our coverage with a new design and a much wider publishing remit.

A journalists first duty is ‘to be read’. Our true intent at UK Cabaret is to serve only the true entertainment industry professionals.

We remain available to contact via our Facebook site, by phone on 01924 890800 between 10.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and by e mail at

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