Show People – Isabella Bliss

StephanyThorntonQ Can you tell us how you first ventured into show business?
I had a love of old Hollywood musical movies . I adored the big sinning & dancing numbers & beautiful costumes . I’m not theatre or classically trained but when I discovered burlesque & went to see lots of shows I instantly felt like I had found my calling in life .
Q What is the appeal of Burlesque and is it growing in the UK?
I think the appeal is the diversity the genre now has it covers many things from the classical striptease to , boylesque & nerdlesque plus much more . I believe its popular because it has so much fun to it & is very engaging with the audience.

Q What type of venues do you appear in most frequently?
Mostly I can be seen touring theaters in the UK staring in An Evening Of Burlesque , which is Europe’s largest touring burlesque show . Altho I’m quite often spotted performing at private birthday parties & corporate events . I’ve even performed for and Arabian Princes at his Birthday Party .
Q You receive lots of compliments on your looks and physical attributes. Does the praise have any effect on you and do you attract unwanted admirers?
I’m deeply flattered that people compliment me , I mean what woman wouldn’t love that . Altho I do not let it go to my head I’m quite a grounded . I get admirers because of what I do & the way I look but I am certainly not complaining about that ha ha
Q How do you think burlesque performers are perceived by the wider show business circle and the public in general?
I think people are pretty curious about us Burlesquers . We have a certain fun & mystery about us we don’t fit into boxes or category’s . We have complete free reign as an artist to create what we Deryck Bankslove & people are fascinated by it .
Q What would you most like to achieve from your show business career.
I’d love to perform for the Queen , but I’m sure burlesque is not allowed , I live in hope . I am also keen to write a Marilyn Monroe show .I have a passion for her & I think it could be a glorious cabaret fun filled show this is my next project .
Q Where are you appearing over the next few weeks and how can bookers and agents contact you?
Over the next few weeks I can be seen at Mercury Theater Colchester , Tivoli Theater Dorset , Cabaret Curiosities Chattaham & Hazlit Theater to name a few . I can be contacted direct by e mail at : Isabellabliss@msn.com


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