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Showcase Productions

Thursday November 3rd

Afternoon Session

Reviewer Johnny Tait
Opening the show was Stacey Green with her Cher tribute act Cherished. Stacey looks a real picture, her costumes were absolutely stunning, she made three quick changes whilst performing Cher’s most well-known numbers. Stacey Green was backed by three superb musicians, a real professional performance from an act I have had the pleasure of seeing on numerous occasions.
A very unusual way to open an act was displayed by male singing duo The Secret Service. With one member of the duo being called up from the audience and told that he must sing, he looked like an embarrassed amateur but it did not take more than a few seconds until he showed that he is a competent pro as he was joined on stage by his singing partner. An excellent classical act.
Look alike and sound-alike Belinda Hallows must be the best Adele tribute I have ever seen. Based in Skegness and speaking with an Essex girl accent Belinda mentioned that she is not represented at the moment. If you’re an agent looking to put an Adele tribute on your books, give her call.
I love Tamla Motown music, so it was a treat for me to see the three-piece male vocal act Soul Story. They were immaculately turned out, with basic but affective choreography. Finishing with the Tavares song Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel, they had us boogying in our seats.
Karen Carpenter tribute Michaela was vocally pitch perfect and dressed just like the late Karen Carpenter. A very good performance, ideal for Carpenter fans but, in my view, this is  an act that would not appeal to the majority of audiences
Next came a young man named Keith with his Justin Bieber tribute Ultimate Bieber. Do you remember when all vocalists were immaculately dressed? It seems the younger generation feel the opposite. With holes in the knees of his jeans and casual T-Shirt with an un-ironed shirt which he took off to expose his tattooed torso, stage dress has changed a lot since I started in the business. Keith was backed by two female dancers. 
Mellisa T is a multiple tribute artist. Here she was showcasing her tribute to Jess Glynne. Mellissa is an experienced professional, very attractive and always well turned out. A very good performance but the Jess Glynne tribute would, in my view, appeal to a limited audience.
Hank Marvin was so famous in his day, that his name is used in cockney rhyming slang. Look-alike and sound-alike Shadowing Hank really did look and sound like the young Hank Marvin. He played and sang some of Hank’s well known numbers as well as an instrumental version of the Simon and Garfunkel, hit ,The Sound of Silence.
Tameka Jackson looks a real picture as she took to the stage, singing the Diana Ross classic, I’m Coming Out. Finishing with a superb rendition of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Tameka’s tribute was so precise, that a tear came to my eye as the love and the memories of my late sister Jackie, who was a Diana Ross fan, came flooding back.
Oh! What a night your customers will have when you book a Four Seasons tribute act The Four Jerseys were dressed exactly right with excellent choreography. The smallest lad even looked like Frankie Valli. A very enjoyable performance!
I wouldn’t air my personal problems on the Jeremy Kyle show any more than I would demean myself by appearing on a current TV talent show, so why Faye Horne felt the need to show footage of herself on X Factor I do not know. Faye is a very proficient performer and therefore, in my view, she has no need to be belittled by Cowell to make a successful career in showbiz.
Ben Gerrard sang songs that were made popular by Robbie Williams. The tribute market has now become very competitive, with a few Robbie tributes looking like the man himself, sadly Ben looked nothing like Williams. Should he go out as himself, or as a tribute?
Tina Turner tribute and impersonator Sara Jones paid attention to detail. When it came to presentation she dressed just like Tina and vocally, this is as close as you can get. 
Boy Gorgeous took to the stage looking just like the man that he was there to impersonate and was vocally spot on, I have never seen a Boy George tribute act before but if I was looking for one I would look no further than Paul Sutton.
I must confess I do not follow the current music scene, therefore I know nothing about Little Mix. But what I do know is when LMX took to the stage, I saw four lovely young ladies put on an enthusiastic and energetic performance. A friend of mine informed me that they are spot on.
Joseph O’Brien brought the afternoon session to a close. A very well turned out good looking young vocalist with a superb voice and a likeable personality. Showing he is suitable for most audiences. Mr O’Brien finished with the Percy Sledge classic, When a Man Loves a Woman. 
The session was held together by comedy Compere Ricky K, who kept the show flowing with 100% professionalism, his personal warmth and personality shone through.
Jamie Hughes from Parkdean Resorts said he found four of the acts of such a high standard that he could not choose two from CHERished, Ultimate Bieber, Tameka Jackson and Faye Horne.
Dave O’Hara from HB Promotions liked The Four Jerseys and Following Hank.

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