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This month we include comments from our friends in Facebook-land, on how they feel this publication is developing. All the comments below are from full UK Cabaret magazine subscribers.

Simon Lowe- member of The Basetones.’ I think it’s a great and informative publication that gives acts, bookers and viewers alike a great opportunity to come together in this crazy industry we all love dearly….well done!

Maria Johnson GRT entertainment. ‘I second that’.

Martin Berger- Booker and producer.’ A great publication. Perhaps the fonts and logos could be a bit more consistent throughout the publication, to give it more of a brand feel.

Ian Richards- Comedian.’ UK Cabaret fills a huge gap in the market, as coverage of light entertainment and variety in The Stage newspaper is now minimal. Your articles and reports provide glue in a fractured show business community and keeps us all in touch and aware. Just let it evolve as it is and by word of mouth and surrounding yourself with good professionals, it will grow very quickly. UK Cabaret has my full support and that of The Grand Order of Water Rats’.

Justine Riddoch- tribute artiste from Totally Tina ‘I never realised there were so many showcases out there. It’s great to read how other friends in the business are doing. It feels like we are in a select group of people. And we made the front cover recently’!

Chris Tucker- radio presenter and promoter. ‘ A Great Read’.

Duncan Norvelle- Comedian.’ I love the articles and it’s all straight to the point.

David Pibworth- musician.’ It’s excellent. I enjoy reading it’.

Paul Traynor- member of Midlife 80’s act.’ I look forward to it. It’s easy to read and I enjoy the little news updates’.

Mandy Winters- entertainer. ‘The magazine looks great, but any chance we could add in news about the Lady Ratlings? Any extra publicity for the ladies would be much appreciated’.

Keith Hall – entertainment agent.’ I suppose of page 3 pin-up would be pushing it? I don’t mind being the first.’


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