Peter Allen obituary 

Peter Allen 02.01.1959 ~09.11.2016

Say the name Peter Allen and anybody in the entertainment business will smile and say lovely fella, great mate, with some cracking stories to tell.

Peter started his career in entertainment as one of the famous Butlins redcoats. A huge hit with the guests with his cheeky chappy personality. He was destined to be a star that shone brightly. 

Peter went from Butlins worked various holiday parks then really found his way when he worked for Leisure Service Agency under the Rank umbrella booking cabaret acts for Haven holidays, Warner and Butlins. Peter really established himself being known as a great agent knowing which acts would suit the right holiday parks. 

As well as working long days and nights Peter dedicated his spare time as a special constable, again becoming highly regarded by his peers. He played a very active role in the 7th July bombing in London. 
Pete was a Specials Police Inspector, being then promoted to BCU, meaning he was in charge of all the specials in Buckinghamshire. He carried on that voluntary work to the end being a support for people in prisons. 

Peter’s love was entertaining,  apart from being a working multi instrumentalist act on the circuit he built himself a solid reputation as an agent. 
He helped numerous people on the first rung of the ladder, this is shown in the amount of tributes being left for his family to read on social media. 

Peter went from LSA to Carnival cruise line, again booking all their acts, continuing that reputation, he then decided it was time to start his own agency Peter Allen Leisure Services, again whatever Peter turned his hand to it was successful. 
He always made time for everybody wether it was charity events, helping a mate out, Peter was always there. Reliable, solid and a true friend to all. A very keen football supporter for his beloved West Ham. 

But Petes real love were his family, his beautiful daughters Lucy and Emily, he was probably the proudest dad in the world, he took on the role of father of the bride to Lucy who married earlier this year joking that his mates Adrian Walsh and Bradley Walsh were looking over his speech and how he was going to ask their help on delivering it. As if he needed any help! 

The day Pete left us was a very sad day in the entertainment world. 

Peter passed away in Margate leaving his two daughters, Lucy and Emily, six brothers, his mum and partner Relly. 

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