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First of all, welcome to something completely new for the entertainment industry in the UK. You have just discovered a publication totally and exclusively dedicated to cabaret in all its forms and cabaret performers, producers and suppliers of all types.

If you perform in cabaret within the social club scene, in cruise ship cabaret, in UK holiday parks or hotels or perhaps within the corporate entertainment or the tribute market, we are here for you. UK Cabaret is totally dedicated to covering the type of news and views that you want to know about on a national level. We also want to publish reviews of what you do in the venues where you perform or produce.
We intend to launch an artiste’s directory and an agents feature which will stipulate exactly what is offered by individual entertainment agencies in a tick-box system. We also intend to publish a services/suppliers/training list and run free advice content to support and promote the careers of cabaret entertainers. We will be publishing a column on where acts are currently working. This will be entirely free of charge to anyone who places advertising with us.
Due to technological advances we will be able to assess who is using our site and how many readers are unique visitors. We will also be able to tell what type of content the readers find most interesting/appealing. This will help us to steer the content in the right direction for our readership.
The time and effort for UK Cabaret has come from a small and dedicated team of professionals. The funding for UK Cabaret has come entirely out of my own pocket. I have been preparing for this launch for three years. For those of you who don’t know me, I parted company from my previous employers at The Stage newspaper on April 25th 2014. Whatever your opinion of The Stage and it’s managing director Hugh Comerford, I’m sure he thinks he is doing the right thing in steering his publication towards younger readers. In my view, The Stage devotes the lion’s share of its coverage to the London and provincial theatre scene. . I think this is wrong. In the opinion of many hundreds of people I speak to throughout the length and breadth of the UK, it is possible there may be a gap in the market for a publication that covers all aspects of cabaret. We want to fill that perceived void. UK Cabaret will publish features written by and about those who present, perform or produce live entertainment in the UK.
A friend of mine said to recently that, if I didn’t attempt this I could be sitting in a bath chair in twenty years time wondering if UK Cabaret would or could have worked. There’s no going back now. My involvement with The Stage made me more proud than anything else I have ever achieved in my working life. Whether UK Cabaret is a success or not depends on one factor that overrides all others, whether this section of show business shows its support and declares a commitment to us.

It was also crucial to secure support from the right people and assemble a skilled, enthusiastic team around me.

Firstly we needed a technical wizard and they don’t come much better than Martin Brown.Martin has worked in I.T for over 20 years. Coming from a show business background only served to enhance his credentials for this job. In the event I had no hesitation in inviting Martin Brown to be our technical manager.

Then we needed creative design and photographic input and supplying much of that is now Adam Press. Adam is also a musician and singer and his design skills will be of considerable assistance.

Next we needed someone with drive, knowledge of the industry and an individual who is media savvy and familiar with adverting. Beverley Ritchie is our Advertising manager. .

I am also grateful for the support and help of my colleague at Johnson Publishing Julie Marshall.
A whole army of contributors have been approached, or have approached me. Some of their work is included in this first edition. We hope you find the content of interest. An eight page printed edition is also available. just check out the subscription and postage information.
Financial support has been secured thanks to the help of a few trusted friends. My accountant and financial advisor Brian Foster will be contributing regularly in print to UK Cabaret. Brian has been a vital supporter whose advice I trust implicitly.
So here we are, ready to serve and support light entertainment in this country. In our publication cabaret will not come last in someone’s idea of a prioritised list of contents, which claim to represent the entire entertainment industry. Cabaret coverage here will not be placed way behind theatre, opera and ballet in order of someone’s idea of importance. Right here in UK Cabaret all you will find is cabaret and more cabaret in all it forms.
Will you get behind us by reading what we produce, contributing to what we produce, advertising with us, sponsoring us or helping us to find print subscribers? Let’s see if a coherent market for a publication such as this one does indeed exist. Are we right or are we just plain barmy? Only time will tell.
I will be working as publisher and managing editor of UK Cabaret. Mark Ritchie Enterprises is involved in the holiday centre business and for those unfamiliar with my name, if you care to, just check my web-site at www.mark-ritchie.co.uk and follow the link to find my CV.
This promotional, editorial and advertorial adventure begins right here, so let’s get started. Mark Ritchie.

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