Forthcoming Showcases to be covered by UK Cabaret.

Forthcoming Showcases to be covered by UK Cabaret. If you are a UK Cabaret magazine subscriber and you are the producer or agent/organiser of a showcase event, please contact us if you would like to be considered for a review. Details at the bottom of the page.

Paul Bridson productions Showcase 2017- Grosvenor Hotel Pulford near Chester. Staged at 7pm on January 11th 2017. Evening only. Admission strictly by invitation only, See agent’s directory for contact details.

Showcase Productions Arts House (Formerly Civic Hall) Stratford on Avon. Staged on February 21&22 day time and evening. Admission strictly by invitation only.

We will also be proving review coverage for this year’s Grand Order of Water Rats Annual Ball in this month’s issue of UK Cabaret

UK Cabaret showcase review team:

Johnny Tait: Johnny is a successful stand-up comedian. He is also a playwright and author. We are pleased to have him on our team.

Vicky Bailey: Vicky is a former holiday centre and cruise ship entertainment team leader and member, who brings a wealth of experience.

Mark Ritchie: For 16 years Mark worked as regional representative and senior light entertainment reviewer at The Stage Newspaper. After his job was axed at The Stage, Mark set up UK Cabaret and is managing editor of this publication. He is also a working entertainer.

UK Cabaret office number is 01924 890800.

We can be contacted by e-mail at

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