Who’s appearing and where

Who’s appearing and where?

CalendarSteve Lucock Thornwick and sea farm Holiday Centre. Appearing every Tuesday

Walking Back to Happiness:

Luke Murgatroyd Club Tropicana Chapel St Leonards summer season

El Loco/ Beastro touring Haven and Butlins centres

Whips and Kanes- The Diva Tour- Greece Mykonos Festival.

Lee Lard-

Grace Lamont- Clubs and care home shows

Andy Eastwood- August 7 South Downs Holiday centre Branklesham Bay

Johnnie Martell -Yorkshire clubs

ZTV- Lancashire and North Wales Holiday Centres

Austin Knight -Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas during August

Saul- Northern clubs

Freshly Squeezed -Lincolnshire holiday parks

Mike Carlton- Yorkshire clubs

Mark Ritchie -August 23 Rowland Road club Leeds.










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