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Last month we began a new editorial sponsorship arrangement with MBM Music Management. This well-known Lancashire company is run by Phil and Anne Barratt and we are delighted to welcome this arrangement. This month we look at a few of the recently resurgent tribute subjects, who seem to be gaining traction in the market for whatever reason.

Top Five Tribute Subjects Currently Gaining Ground.
1/ David Bowie- Since the death of this genius and musical innovator, there have been some who have tried to come up with tribute shows which reflect his brilliance as a musician and songwriter and his unmistakeably distinctive voice. We are told there is a huge gap waiting to be filled by a David Bowie lookalike/soundalike who comes complete with a top band behind him.
2/ Kate Bush- A cult hit TV series which went out recently introduced Kate to a brand-new audience, after her classic song Running Up That Hill was included in the soundtrack. Kate lives happily on the coast of the South-West of England and seems more interested in her garden than in making music, so a couple of quality Kate Bush and Band style attractions are currently out there, making hay and bathing in her reflected glory.
3/ Amy Weinhouse- Since the sad death of this lady, who many believe to be the greatest UK singer of her generation, the tired old parody of a drinking drug-fuelled so called ‘tribute’ to the star have thankfully all but disappeared. There are now a few great ladies out there in tribute land who come close to the look sound and feel of the great Ms Weinhouse.
4/ Meatloaf- In the past we have seen and either enjoyed or endured everything from Meatloaf to Malt Loaf. Since the death of the great man, his popularity with tribute fans has increased more than somewhat according to tribute music agents.
5/ Pink Floyd- It is abundantly clear that members of the band, such as Roger Waters and David Gilmour have not always got along. Their back catalogue of music is a tough technical ask for any band to re-create. Which could explain why there are hardly any musicians who want to come together and make this happen for the tribute field.

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