UK Cabaret special announcement

UK Cabaret special announcement

I’m certain that none of us have ever experienced such dark and desperately sad times for all forms of live entertainment. We are led to believe it will take a vaccine for Covid-19 to be both available and functioning, before entertainers and performers can even consider returning to some semblance of normality.

We all have friends and associates within the entertainment industry who have either found day-jobs or left the business altogether and many venues of all kinds have closed their doors for the final time.

In the past week we have spoken to representatives of the entertainment agent’s association and we have pledged mutual support. The association has been engaging lobbyists with great parliamentary and political contacts in Westminster and the devolved assemblies.

To be cast aright as the magazine for entertainers, agent’s, producers and suppliers we need to be at the forefront of campaign and comment.

If our industry is to enjoy any kind of prosperity in the future, we will need a level playing field and a sporting chance. As a magazine we are doing whatever we can to keep the influential people who inhabit the corridors of power fully aware of our plight. 

My appeal to everyone involved in any sector of the entertainment industry is to be mindful that trade organisations and the performers and entertainer’s union Equity will play a vital role in what we all hope and pray will be a return to normality during 2021.

Social media is not always helpful, with squabbling and grandstanding common amongst conspiracy theorists and those with political motives tearing each other apart.

Now is the time to be kind and help each other whenever and wherever we can. By dropping the cynicism, supporting each other and checking on the wherewithal (or lack of it) and mental health of friends and associates, we are sure return bigger, better and stronger than ever before.

Good luck everyone

Mark Ritchie

Managing editor UK Cabaret 

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