UK Cabaret managing editor Mark Ritchie takes a trip to the Canary Island of Tenerife

UK Cabaret managing editor Mark Ritchie takes a trip to the Canary Island of Tenerife. So, who is who amongst the UK ex-pat entertainers and where are the good venues?
I first visited the Island of Tenerife back in 1985 and have been paying regular visits ever since to what is ostensibly a Spanish Island which is no-one near Spain. Amongst a group of other Islands and stuck out in the sea about 60 miles of the African coast, the climate is perfect for wintering Brits and there is now a huge concentration of cabaret entertainment on the Island. The number of good quality venues continues to mushroom in number and The Sporting Club in the resort of Los Gigantes is the latest establishment to present top quality cabaret.
Tenerife is two-faced Island, with the cooler and more verdant North of the Island attracting a wide spectrum of visitors, while the South is all about tourism and this is where the Brits come out to play. The main resorts are Playa De Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Lost Gigantes and Costa Adeje, which is where I choose to stay.
Below UK Cabaret readers can read all about some of the acts I saw on my travels during my latest Canary Islands jaunt. We are presenting this in mini-review form in order to give an idea of the quality that just a mere four and a half hour flight from the UK.
Below are details of a few of the venues and some of the cabaret entertainers involved.
St.Eugen’s cabaret club Costa Adeje, Tenerife.
Robbie Dominic has forged a life and career for himself on Tenerife as a radio presenter on the English speaking radio station Oasis FM. This former UK band and duo member now sings solo in a number of venues on the Island, including the awkwardly shaped, but well-appointed St. Eugen’s club. Presenting classic tracks from the 80’s and sung in a powerhouse style, Dominic is enduringly popular with the UK visitors.
Albatross Bar Costa Silencio
A benefit show in aid of Yorkshire born entertainer Mike Edwards was held in a venue that Edwards himself used to work in and as very close to his home. Many entertainers took part in the show, including yours truly. Amongst the gang on stage were the organisers, wise-cracking Scottish singer Gordon King and Welsh singer Cy Benson. A total of 24 singers and entertainers took part at this informal venue in the UK residents enclave of Costa Silencio.
Star Bar, Costa Adeje.
Enter a camp Scottish comedian in a beautiful and striking pink suit and this vision is known as the one and only Billy Porter. ‘I am a poof and ladies…. I want to sleep with all your husbands’. This is Porter’s opening gambit and like all great comedy, you just have to be there to appreciate how outrageously funny and ironic Porter can be. The Star Bar is a regular Porter haunt and boasting a compere called Justin Credible, the venue provides exactly the right kind of intimate surroundings to springboard Porter and his many talents.
Brahms and Lizst show-bar Los Cristianios
Comedian George King is starring at this intimate and well-appointed venue right in the heart of Los Cristianos. Aside from being a great technical comedian and a naturally funny man, George King’s main appeal would seem to be as the only comedian working on the Island with a squeaky clean show. This is a great venue and those who pack the place to see George King in action know exactly what they are letting themselves in for. In my view King of one of the all-time greats of UK stand-up comedy.
As a foot-note to our Tenerife coverage, can readers please note that we are unable to field individual enquiries about work or contacts in Tenerife.

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