UK Cabaret- A Statement.

UK Cabaret takes every precaution when accepting advertising material and photographic content, in relation to copyright.

We are also very careful not to cause deliberate offence or publish political advertising and advertising involving or aimed at minors. We are always consciously compliant of the CAP non-broadcast code of advertising and content.

Due to recent copyright problems, we are now more vigilant than ever in regard to acknowledging the work of photographers and graphic designers. It is an individual advertiser’s responsibility to provide us with print-ready artwork, which has been paid for in full at the time of publication.

We strive to ensure that our content is legal, decent, honest and truthful, as well as providing excellent value for money in the niche show business market we attempt to cover.

If any reader or advertiser is in doubt about what is legally required in regard to advertising, please take a look at the Advertising Standards Authority web-site at

Thank you for reading this.

Mark Ritchie managing editor

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