Showcase Productions 2015 Session 1

292181-ricky-k-britains-got-talent-semi-finalShowcase Productions 2015
Viva Blackpool November 3/4
Producers Barrie Lucas and Colin Jones
Reviewer Mark Ritchie
Compere for the opening session, during of the second year of Showcase Productions flagship event was the ever popular Ricky K. Despite an inevitable dodgy edit on Britain’s Got Talent, Ricky K remains a force on stage. Ricky K now laughs off his TV nightmare and is back and remains a force in UK Cabaret.
Diva is the collective name for four of Blackpool’s favourite female singers and the lovely people at UK Cabaret subscribers Viva Blackpool, have been enjoying great success in their company all season. Individually we have Carol Kaye, Diane Lee Carroll, Tracy Jordan and Jo-Jo Savage. Collectively these ladies are quite superbly presented and genuinely breath-taking!
Singer Gareth Scott has the look of a band musician making the transition to the solo world. This was a strong and convincing performance from the owner of truly distinctive singing voice.
Having only recently seen the glamorous Kelly Brazil performing her Katie Perry tribute, I knew we were in for a musical, costumed treat. Ms Brazil’s agents and UK Cabaret subscribers Mainstream Management are sure to be busy fielding offers.
The Jersey Tones opened with a backing vocal heavy opening, which was a shame, given these three bonny lads are so smart, tuneful and superbly presented.
Lareena Mitchell is one of a number of Adele tributes who possess the look as well as the vocal attributes. Surely much business here.
Comedy entertainer Phil Reid probably has a mountain of diverse material to call upon, depending on the situation. Bright and breezy Reid possesses much potential.
A bonny brunette simply known as Jess came next and I enjoyed everything this Wigan lass, aside from the absence of a stage name. Lovely and tuneful ‘Jess’ will need a more memorable moniker. Perhaps her agents and UK Cabaret subscribers at Garston Entertainments may offer advice on this.
The 3 Tops are an outstandingly presented two girl one boy cabaret act. Motown is the stock-in-trade here and this is as good as acts of this type can become on this impressive showing.
Stacy Green is a multi-tribute artiste, who chose to showcase her tribute to Pink, known as Mizz Pink. I can only echo the glowing review I gave this artiste at UK Cabaret subscriber Mainstream Management showcase.
Rojay is a superbly presented Bruno Mars tribute, but seems to have much more in his locker. This young man belongs on a stage, was brought along by agents and UK Cabaret subscribers Tricks of the Trade. Rojay was hugely impressive.
UK Cabaret subscribers The Basetones are as good an act of their type as there is currently out there. Three guys, brilliant moves and harmonies and an act to savour and remember.
Stephen Guy is a well-presented classical, crossover singer who is clearly just as comfortable performing cabaret.
Monsters 90, brought along by UK Cabaret subscribers Layton Entertainments, were in my view a stand-out attraction. Also known as Lady Z and the Monsters, this band are both theatrical and eye-catching, this four piece band present an outstanding and in-demand genre tribute.
Makuini is the extraordinary Maori name of a female vocalist who seems to re-style familiar songs. This will make her difficult to place, but her version of the Etta James classic At Last, was well delivered nonetheless.
Aaron Jordan is a young Lancashire lad and a relative beginner, who is being schooled by UK Cabaret subscriber Jean Pasquill. Singing with a heavy vibrato, this young man is a work in progress, but displays enormous potential
Closing the session out was the much celebrated Beardsmith band, who are UK Cabaret subscribers. Their impressive set delivered something new, with Robbie Williams-The Show, featuring Dan Budd who proved to be a great Robbie sound-alike as performed by the Beardsmith boys. This great set should bring yet another string to the already huge Beardsmith bow.
Expert’s choice Jon ‘Chunkie’ Russell- Brean Leisure Park chose Rojay and The Basetones

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