Saul on performing in the tiny enclave of Gibraltar

SaulSaul on performing in the tiny enclave of Gibraltar

I have worked abroad a number of times and have always enjoyed the experience; besides the travel, baggage retrieval; and trying to figure out how to get to ‘the venue’ in a foreign language.

Fly backs are one thing; a rapid turnaround, with barely chance to say hello before you’re whisked away to some other airport terminal.

An old university friend (well, he’s younger than me) had been living in Gibraltar for a number of years and suggested I visit for a couple of weeks. Having been a DJ himself, and knowing the locale very well indeed, he happened to know the owner of 5 of the drinking holes close to the main stretch.

It was quite straight forward to arrange 5 gigs in the July sun; decent fees, PA waiting for me; and a tab at the bar.

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