What Price TV Exposure

What Price TV Exposure?

A long stretch of Lincolnshire coast has been dubbed ‘Skeg-Vegas’, largely due to the sheer volume of live entertainment, in various forms. From the giant Club Tropicana venue, to more modestly appointed venues, there are many opportunities for entertainers to find work on the Lincolnshire coast. Well-known agent and entertainer Noel Gee is not a subscriber to this publication, but he has agreed to an interview on his involvement in the recent Channel Four programme, Skeg-Vegas. UK Cabaret managing editor is asking the questions submitted by many of our subscribers.

Q We are informed by a number of agents that they were approached to take part in this programme, but turned down the opportunity. Can you explain what your motivation was to take part? Was it purely financial?

A  I understand these claims to be fabricated.  The three Agents involved were Agency 1 (Skegness), Big Star Entertainments (Nottingham), and Noel Gee Associates Ltd. (Lincoln). It is my belief that any other claims are simple jealousy.

Q Do you believe that the programme painted true picture of the lives of professional entertainers?

A  I have been an Agent since 1979, and a booker of entertainment since 1976. I understand the Entertainment Industry well.  It’s very nice to ‘glam’ it up but we live in the real world of showbusiness.

Q Once the programme was edited, did you find the programme came out as you thought it might?

A  Director Matt David and I worked hard to make the programme exactly as seen. It was funny, dynamic and highly entertaining.  I saw much of it when I was recording the ‘voice over’ in London. I was consulted and kept in the loop at all times. Swan Films are highly professional and productive.

Q A large number of comments have been negative, regarding the content of the programme, with very few positive comments being passed on to us, through the UK Cabaret web-site and our Facebook site. If you could turn the clock back, would you do anything differently?

A   I would change nothing. I’m given to understand that the official response UK wide has been – 10% didn’t get it. 10% didn’t like it. 80% loved it.  I’m delighted to say that it has benefited us and the Artistes involved greatly.  Let’s see what happens next!



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