Obtaining UK Cabaret

IMG_1234-7Obtaining UK Cabaret

A UK Cabaret subscription costs just £25 a year. In return for this annual payment, you receive a copy of UK Cabaret magazine, delivered through the Royal Mail. Alternatively you may wish to receive your copy by e-mail. You also receive a business listing online and in print, if you are a working act, agent or supplier.

Our web-site is also available for subscribers to post their events or news. Providing you supply the artwork (J-Peg format only- No PDF Files) and the material is legal and in line with our advertorial policy, subscribers can make use of our high traffic web-site as part of their subscription at exactly half the price of advertising rates for non-subscribers.

You can view back issues of UK Cabaret at a highly competitive cost as we are now available on Amazon. You can now read UK Cabaret on your I-phone or Kindle. Search Amazon for details.

How to pay your subscription. Please e-mail and we will send you a payment information attachment.


Advertising rates

A full page advertisement in print in available at £90 per-page all in. Subscribers receive 50% discount on all advertisements.

Quotations on smaller advertisements are available on request. Please just e-mail us right now at for details.

All print advertisements are duplicated online as part of the price at


UK Cabaret phone line is generally available during office hours on 01924 890800.

Would you like to sell advertising space in your area for UK Cabaret? We want to hear from you!

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