November Gossip Gatherer

November Gossip Gatherer

We start in Yorkshire, where social networking King Ivor Hillman was absolutely chuffed to bits to read Mark Ritchie’s feature on the perils of Facebook last month. For whatever reason Ivor is not a UK Cabaret subscriber, but I hear that the delicious mini- sex bomb singer Little Sam Lyons was quick to rush around to chez Hillman, so that Ivor could thumb through Sam’s copy.

To Winchester now, where comedian Tim Ames appears to be selling his collection of stage paraphernalia from his association with his double act, Tim and Tony Strange. The act plan to split at the end of the year and Tim is going into pantomime. The thrifty Mr Ames has described the collection of stage banners etcetera as ‘memorabilia’. As Tim and Tony haven’t  even stopped working yet, perhaps this could best be described as memorabilia for those with short memories?

To Nottinghamshire now, where ventriloquist Andy Greaves as looking towards another milestone year on stage, with his best buddy Lewis. Some audience members have been known to ask ornithological questions, regarding the species of bird the aforementioned Lewis actually. The answer is that Lewis is actually a Stork. With a stork visiting his house every night, perhaps Andy has many children?

To Sheffield now, where gorgeous singer Natalie B is launching some new projects and wants everyone to know about them. The talented and versatile Natalie lives in a remote area high over the South Yorkshire landscape and the sound of music has been heard loud and clear up in the clouds, as the lovely Natalie gets stuck into rehearsals. Watch this space!

And finally, to Northampton now, where the apparent confusion surrounding uncertainties, expressed on social networking, regarding the affairs of ‘The Keeping It Live family’, have impinged on the day to day running of the UK Cabaret office. Our esteemed editor Mark Ritchie would be tearing his hair out, if he had any, as he continues to receive literally dozens of phone calls and e-mails requesting more information on the subject of the Keeping It Live showcase. Mr Ritchie simply can’t comprehend why UK Cabaret seems to be a point of contact for some, when speculation about this particular event takes place. Through gritted teeth Mr Ritchie has been seen at his desk, almost blowing a gasket, as he replies to many of those enquiring about an event which he clearly has no knowledge of or interest in. Neither the Stage newspaper, who Mr Ritchie used to work for, or UK Cabaret magazine has ever been invited to this affair. The reason why? No idea!  The Truth? Mark says he couldn’t care less! On a lighter note, Mr Ritchie certainly looks sexy when he’s angry.

We’ll be back next month with more trivial tittle-tattle from the lives and careers of more UK Cabaret subscribers.



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