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Natalie tells us how it all began

Natalie tells us how it all began
NatalieThe hard work began by listening closely to the constantly playing albums while travelling in my car. I spent hours consumed by You-tube videos and other clips of Adele’s performance. I was hooked!
At that time we didn’t have thousands in the bank to pay for everything I needed. But what I did have was a very generous partner Jamie, who let me loose with his credit cards. Soon I had a gig van, new P.A., lighting, back-drops, costumes, website, and even a promotional video.
It was a very scary time. I had taken a huge risk by getting us into quite a bit of debt.
I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve and things were coming together perfectly with the help of a few wonderful people. I was a weekly visitor to The Tony Wayne Technique School. I was soon ready to launch my show by appearing on a national trade Showcase. On the day I had my new hairstyle, costumes at the ready and the website was built.
I had shot my promotional video with the help of Glenn Boulton. The promotional shots were very well received on Facebook.
Helen-Marie built an amazing website. She was also responsible for creating my lighting plots for the entire show, and poster art work.
On the day of the showcase I had arranged for the lovely Mark Dawson to accompany me on keyboards for my set. I was shaking with fear.
Sometime later Steve Leatham from Ted Talent offered me a 12 month contract, flying out weekly to Egypt and Crete for Sensotori 5* resorts. My mouth was on the floor. I felt like I’d won the lottery. I had never worked abroad before and suddenly I was a weekly visitor at Manchester Airport.
Just weeks after the showcase the work poured in. I was doing four tribute gigs a week. 2012 was just amazing. I travelled all over the world and loved every minute.
The show is growing every year. I have a wonderful band who support me for festivals, theatres and weddings. I feel very lucky and blessed to have what I have now, although it’s been a lot of hard work. I’m forever thankful and grateful and never imagined at the beginning it would be so well received.
Please take a look at www.adele-tribute.net

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