Mark My Words

Mark My Words

written by Mark Ritchie Managing editor UK Cabaret.

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

In this December and Christmas edition of UK Cabaret we are pleased to feature full showcase coverage from Showcase productions event in Blackpool and John Howe Presentations in Bognor.

The whole business of the trade showcase enables UK Cabaret to get out there and make the entertainment industry aware of what we are trying to achieve. I was grateful for the help and assistance of agent Barrie Lucas at Showcase Productions event in Blackpool. Barrie even provided us with a free advertisement in his excellent brochure, which attendees at Viva Cabaret Showbar cannot have failed to notice. Comperes Scott Gallacher and Lee Lard were also on hand to help spread the word with useful ‘plugs’ and name checks from the stage. Lee Lard went one step further by informing the audience that I was sacked at The Stage, so I had started my own publication. This jokey statement is actually nearer the truth than many readers will realise!

Moving onto Bognor Regis and The John Howe showcase, I was grateful to John and Dot Howe for helping ease the financial burden of attending the event by generously providing some hospitality while I was on the lovely Sussex coast. The showcases three comperes, Stewart Masters, Craig Harper and Tank Sherman all did their best to let attendees know all about UK Cabaret. Our roller-banner publicity gave arriving bookers and acts the chance to take down our details. I also gave out lots of information and business cards. As a result some more subscriptions have come in for the printed edition.

We have taken the step of publishing reviews on our publication date in the printed magazine edition only. Reviews will be posted on-xmas cartoonline sometime later, but it is only fair that readers who are prepared to support UK Cabaret by subscribing to the magazine should see everything there is to see before our on-line readers.

An investment of £25 annually is so little to pay, especially when you consider that all subscribers also receive free access to our listings and a free online advertisement. If you haven’t already done so, please get behind us. As Tank Sherman was kind enough to say on stage recently, UK Cabaret is the future!


The printed edition of UK Cabaret is available by paying an annual subscription. The total cost is £25 a year including delivery and packaging. The new individual cover price is £2.50 plus postage, so there is still a small saving to be made by subscribing to our printed magazine version. Just e mail for full details.

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