March Gossip Gatherer

March Gossip Gatherer

Our intrepid dealer in tittle-tattle is back with more tasty morsels of meaningless and hum-drum gossip, from the lives of UK Cabaret subscribers.

To the Home Counties first, where producer, promoter and performer David Pibworth loves his wife’s food so much, that he is worrying about his waistline. David is based in rural Buckinghamshire, where there are many fine eateries, but it seems that this show business bon viveur doesn’t have to venture beyond his own dining room for fine cuisine. Mrs Pibworth really must be worth her weight in gold.

Last month’s Where Are They Now feature must have caused concern to Loughborough based retired entertainer and performing arts teacher Vicki Calvert. Whilst hunting around for a suitable photograph to use in the feature, poor Vicki became rather anxious. An old fan of hers, Roger Auty let it be known to the UK Cabaret office that he was in possession of a very revealing old publicity photo of Ms Calvert. In the end, we didn’t run with the photograph, but our managing editor Mark Ritchie was tempted. After all, Vicki’s photo featured a couple of very tempting assets.

To Yorkshire now, where singer Jonathan Carroll experienced quite a scare on his way home from a cabaret engagement recently. Jonathan experienced the horrors of a high-speed blow-out, with his tyre parting company from his car. Along with those fellow entertainers who have endured similar experiences, Jonathan has now discovered that adrenaline is brown. Thankfully the affable Jonathan was unhurt.

Staying in Yorkshire and entertainer Tony Wayne has been engaged in a spot of midwifery. His lovely little Dog Misty gave birth to a litter of adorable puppies recently. The delivery room was a dressing room in Brighouse, Yorkshire where Tony was appearing in a show alongside comedian Johnnie Casson. The pup parade back stage went largely unnoticed, but Tony drove home with three new-born passengers in the back of his car.

And finally, for this issue, it was back to familiar ground in Facebook-land, as the keyboard warriors got stuck in again. The subject of their bile and vitriol was again our intrepid managing editor, who was reviewing the excellent Showcase Productions event in Stratford Upon Avon, which was featured in last month’s edition of this publication. It’s all water off a duck’s back of course for Mark, who spent 16 years reviewing for The Stage. The whole platform of Facebook however provides the opportunity for the equivalent of schoolyard bullying, as one aggrieved Facebook fan gets things off their chest and throws in the insults, only to see other childish ‘friends’, pitching in. We can almost hear the school-kids shouting ‘fight fight’, as they show their bravery on the home PC. O well!

Our Gossip Gatherer will be back next month, after trawling around for more pointless and aimless gossip. Will you be part of the tittle-tattle?

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