Jongleurs Comedy Christmas show – full review

Jo-Jo SmithJongleurs Comedy Christmas show
Jongleurs comedy club Leeds
Reviewer Mark Ritchie
Funny women surely don’t come much funnier than the charismatic Jo-Jo Smith. Her acid droplets of wit have been carefully cultivated during her time in the comedy clubs and Leeds Jongleurs was the place to catch her in full flow. A sort of comedy dreadnought, comparisons are often made in review form with that other comedy battle-axe Jo Brand. Acerbic wit and bon-mot’s are Smith stick in trade and in my view no women does it better.
Jo-Jo Smith was presenting the show and her three guests, no doubt thoughtfully put together by the Jongleurs people, provided comedy contrast and a fun night.
First up was Richard Morton, whose twinkling Geordie charm and comedy at the guitar have made him a real favourite on the Jongleurs circuit. Morton gives a funny and engaging performance and I would imagine he makes a great comedy compere.
For some reason comedian Peter White put me in mind of the late and great Bill Hicks. Canadian White is making his mark with those who enjoy a more edgy approach. On this particular evening White delivered some devastatingly funny material, but somehow I discerned a rather ill at ease feel performing, as he was, in front of a pre-Christmas party crowd. Comedy is a mental balancing act and part of the trick is to forget time spent on stage and instead concentrate on making the material sound as though it is being delivered for the very first time.
Chris Turner is a stand-out on the UK stand-up scene right now. His comedy rapping routine, his self-effacing line in crowd approach and audience improvisation skills are making this ridiculously young looking young man a hot ticket in the comedy clubs right now. Headline act on the night here in Leeds, Chris Turner proved the icing on the comedy Christmas cake here in Leeds.

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