John Mycroft as Sir Cliff Richard

John Mycroft as Sir Cliff Richard available through Peller Artistes

John Mycroft as sir cliffClub Baize Sheffield
With only a mere handful of Cliff tributes and a reportedly limited appeal, it would seem that band-wagon jumpers onto the tribute scene would do well to give a Cliff impression a wide berth. To be fair it must be tough to capture the essence of the Peter Pan of Pop, but John Mycroft comes perilously close to perfection with his take on Sir Cliff.
Jimmy Jemain and a few other Cliff Clones have now been joined by band musician and singer Mycroft, whose vocal impression is uncannily accurate.
This seasoned entertainer opened strongly with We Don’t Talk Anymore and soon set more than favourable tone with all the Cliff moves and on stage shuffles and mannerisms. A successful tribute artiste will always study his chosen subject and in Mycroft’s take on the tender ballad Miss You Nights, we witnessed all the vibrato and phrasing synonymous with the real thing.
This tribute show will delight an awful lot of people and the phone should be ringing off the hook for this fine tribute artiste.
Mark Ritchie

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