Gossip Hoover March 2016

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Here we have more meaningless morsels of tittle-tattle regarding the lives of UK Cabaret subscribers and contributors.

Some of our UK cabaret subscribers, who regularly visit bustling Benidorm, are dismayed to learn that Vicky Leyton (AKA Sticky Vicky) is retiring after 35 years of performing and bewildering holiday-makers in the former cabaret Mecca, which in the view of the Gossip Hoover is becoming increasingly tacky and obsessed with the selfish and hedonistic needs of the stags and hens. When first asked to delicately describe Ms Leyton within an article in The Stage newspaper, published some years ago, our esteemed editor Mark Ritchie caused some amusement by referring to the sticky one as ,’a gynaecological magician’. Great fun!

Meanwhile in North Nottinghamshire, UK Cabaret subscriber Sunny Daye is acting suspiciously. Sunny’s copious Facebook entries have been eluding to a mysterious new television project. The Gossip Hoover hopes that her stint in the telly isn’t anything concerning cookery. After all, when you bill yourself as ‘The Tart on Tour’, as Sunny does, you don’t want to be seen eating or making tarts. Sunny revealed that any money she makes from the creatures from TV land will be spent on a sausage. She clarifies by reminding us that Sausage is the name of a pet dog with a dodgy leg, Let us hope our four-legged friend gets on his feet soon and that Sunny’s disposition matches her name.

Just up the M1 in sunny Wakefield, Adele tribute singer Natalie Black is soon to return to the stage, after a spell of maternity leave. Natalie gave birth recently to a daughter by the name of Pearl. I wonder if young Pearl may follow her talented mum into the business? The Elkie Brooks hit song Pearl’s a Singer could soon be a signature tune in the Black household. Meanwhile Pearl will be singing an entirely different song, at feeding or nappy times at least!

To the Lincolnshire coast resort of sunny Skegness now, where UK Cabaret subscriber and show business legend Tufty Gordon is working hard with his property empire. Tufty, who was recently back on stage at Stratford Upon Avon for the Showcase productions showcase, has clearly invested well in bricks and mortar during his years in the higher echelons of this great business which is show.

Still in Yorkshire and agent Richard Crossland of the Crossland agency has become a real karate kid. Richard is joined in his high kicking sessions by his lovely wife Clare, providing a real double-whammy for anyone intent in inflicting physical damage on this karate couple. Who knows, perhaps as the pliable Richard can inflict so much damage with his bare feet, other agents may consider hiring Richard and Clare to chase artistes who are a little slow at paying their commissions. If Richard can get his socks off in time, he could be quite a force!

Finally for this issue, the Gossip Hoover hears good news from the Fylde coast and our UK Cabaret subscriber friends at the fabulous Viva cabaret venue in Blackpool. The owners Leye D Johns and his business partner Martin Heywood are reporting vast increases in winter ticket sales. Blackpool is starting to buzz all over again and Viva, along with one or two other venues, are certainly being rewarded for their hard work and huge investment.

We’re back in April with more gossip. Don’t miss it!

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