Factor 2025 review by William Carroll

‘Factor 2025’ a new novel written by comedian and author Johnny Tait could cause controversy, I would certainly expect it to bring about differences in opinion.‘Factor 2025’ is a cynical and comical look at the future of TV talent shows.

Trenton Powell the producer of a TV talent show is furious that his show has been moved from its prime time slot on Britain’s most watched channel to an afternoon slot on channel five.

This is due to the drastic fall in viewing figures.

His friend Jezza Lyle the host of a TV talk show informs him that the drop in viewing figures is as a result of him being “Too nice” and advises him to get rougher people on his show.

So he calls on Burke and Hare to dig the dirt on the shows participants, we have a drug dealer, a convicted killer and a porn star amongst the participants in order to boost viewing figures.

We also have the murder of a conman known as “Chris the Greek” to add a bit of whodunit to this comical romp, that closes with more twists and turns than your average corkscrew.

I spoke to Johnny Tait about ‘Factor 2025’ and asked him. What made you write it?

His reply was. “My view on the modern day TV talent shows is not only do they not give a true reflection on showbiz, but they are actually damaging our profession. I also question the morals behind the show. We all know that what is presented on TV as the first audition, is not, they have been auditioned before they reach the televised stages. Therefore is it morally correct to put a person on national TV that the producers know have no talent whatsoever, in order to publicly humiliate them? If you were auditioning or were present at a showcase, and an act started snivelling, would you book that act? I think not. But a high number of participants in TV talent shows snivel. The reality is if you want to make a career in showbiz you need skin as thick as the rear end of a Rhinocerous. I also ask the question are the finalist chosen before the series begins?”

I then asked Johnny if his novel was fictional or factual and are the characters in his book based on real life people?

He replied “Factor 2025 is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely co-incidental.”

Fact or fiction I found Tait’s latest novel an enjoyable read, that in places had me laughing out loud.


Review by

William Carroll



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