Country Superstars review – Vicky Bailey

Country Superstars

Brook Theatre Chatham

November 3rd 2016

Reviewer: Vicky Bailey

With a yeehaaa and a how-down, I found myself sitting in anticipation of an evening of country music at this great venue, as Country Superstars brought a touch of the Wild West to Chatham.

The stage was set with a live six-piece band, which even contained a pedal steel instrument, giving that great country twang sound.

It is very refreshing to see and hear live music. As I sit waiting alongside my fellow audience members, I notice that many have donned their Stetsons and Spurs ready to hoe down the night away.

The band strike up and ‘Dolly Parton’, bursts out on stage in all her sparkles, not just in her costume but in terms of her sparkling personality.

The fabulous talented Sarah Jayne and Andy Crust then take us on a rip- roaring evening of country music.

Sarah Jayne is without doubt an incredible Dolly Parton, not only sounding just like her, but capturing the all persona. The mannerisms are uncanny.  ‘Dolly’ is our host for the evening. She introduces us to ‘ Johnny Cash’,  ‘Billy Jo Spears’, ‘ John Denver’ and ‘ Tammy Wynette’. At this point I was like a child at Christmas, exited to see who was coming next.

Clearly Andy and Sarah Jayne have worked hard on bringing some of these country greats to life. Andy and Sarah Jayne then gave us their respective takes on the talents of Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Patsy Clein and Kenny Rogers. This section was book-ended with a superb duet from ‘Kenny and Dolly’, singing Islands in the Stream.

Every single impression was excellent, with the look, the mannerisms and the vocals. Attention to detail is spot on, down to belts, shoes, jewellery and even lipstick.

Andy and Sarah Jayne were backed by the Tennessee Allstars, headed by the multi-talented Darren Bass. The band was tight and on the ball and it was great to see them all smiling and even singing along.

On a Thursday November night in Chatham a 400-seater venue was packed to the rafters. I have to say this was one of the most entertaining shows I have seen in a long time.


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