Cabaret revival in the Theatres

Cabaret revival in the Theatres littletheatre-squareRecently we have seen a decline in the amount of clubs etc. that can find it affordable to give their audiences a full night of entertainment at a price that suits everyone. Bingo is now the main source of entertainment in 99% of venues. Mind you, if it hadn’t been for Bingo then many more clubs would have shut their doors completely. The days when you had to queue for a seat at 6.30pm are unfortunately long gone.

Therefore another outlet has to be found for professional entertainers.

With that in mind I have started approaching many of our smaller theatres with the prospect of organising afternoon cabaret shows that I feel has been missing for the general public for many years.

These would entail at least two or possibly three professional artists with a Compere providing a full afternoon of quality entertainment.

Over the last six months we have been performing at The Doncaster Little Theatre. At first the audiences were small but very appreciative and over the months word has been spreading like wildfire with the help of social media and many friends who are pleased to see the return of a full scale variety show.

I must say that I cannot thank my fellow artists enough for their contribution to this venture.

They can all see that this is an outlet that should have been utilised many years ago and the members of the theatres are delighted that we are providing the standard of variety that their venue has been missing out on for many years.

The performances are being received so well in Doncaster that the audiences are now asking for acts to return on a regular basis.

At the moment the show in Doncaster is on a Friday run on a fortnightly basis, commencing at 2pm.

Admission is only £5 and for that you get at least a two hour show and on several occasions due to the fact the artists love the theatre atmosphere and appreciation from the audience is overwhelming, the shows have lasted until well gone 5pm.

Check out your local newspapers for several new venues starting this venture. It is ideal for Care Homes to bring their guests for an afternoon of music and laughter. They will enjoy vocalists, duos, comedians or groups. There is always something to satisfy everyone’s taste in entertainment.

Over the last few weeks I have been receiving telephone calls from artists throughout the UK asking if they can appear on the shows. With that in mind I am already in negotiations with several theatre to extend this venture throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

Obviously I cannot be everywhere at the same time so I would be very grateful if any of my fellow artists could assist me in running the afternoon when I open up in a theatre in their area.

This could see a revival in the variety scene and benefit artists and audiences alike.

Remember to support your local theatre.

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