A word from the Editor’s desk Jan 2016

A word from the Editor’s desk

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

First of all I would like to wish all our subscribers, advertisers, readers and associates a prosperous 2016. We have begun the new-year by raising the individual cover price of UK Cabaret to £3. An annual subscription now costs £30, which constitutes a considerable saving throughout the year.

However, for those who took out a subscription during 2015 and before, the price we charge them for an annual subscription will be frozen at just £25. This is in recognition of those who got behind us early in our show business publishing adventure. It’s a sort of thank you really.

So what will we do with the added revenue? Well, we won’t all suddenly be rich that’s for sure. All income is ploughed straight back into the business. We hope to afford to pay more appropriate remunerations to those who work hard on what we produce at UK Cabaret. However our aim, is to continue with magazine and web improvements and extend the range of what we produce.

Our planned readership survey hasn’t happened yet, simply because there is too much going on. However, we do plan to stop very soon to look up and ask what our readers and advertisers think of what we are doing.

On the subject of advertising, our winter sale continues until March, so discounted advertising packages are available for next month’s issue too.

We are also covering showcases, travelling to events and getting out there in order to continue to promote UK Cabaret. We are considering other additions to our content, such as a jobs section, agents looking for acts and a new mode of distribution, which I am currently receiving advice on.

Key to the success of this publication is our growing network of friends and staunch supporters. However, we need to break into Scotland and Ireland, as we have very few subscribers in the province of Northern Ireland or the great country that is Scotland.

As magazine subscribers will have noted, we have now moved our printing requirements to Aceprint near Wakefield in Yorkshire and we are grateful to all at this splendid company for making the transition such a smooth one. We are grateful to our former printer, but we must keep print costs to a minimum, as we continue to develop our web operation.

What we really need, as our advertising base continues to grow, is regional correspondents to send in reports on what is going on in their own local area. Would you like to write reports and reviews for us from your neck of the woods? Please give me a call on Monday to Friday, during office hours, or e-mail mark-ritchie@btconnect.com

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