2019 Showcase Productions Session four 2019

2019 Showcase Productions Session four 2019

Reviewer Mark Ritchie

(editor’s note) This section of the review was omitted from last month’s magazine issue, due to technical difficulties. It appears online in its entirety, quite separate to the November issue and of course in the December magazine issue. We apologise for any confusion caused.

Session four begin with Compere Lee Lard out and traps quickly and introducing Trident Party trio. This two-boy and one girl act have certain image difficulties, but they may well be in demand with party organisers and such.

Hey Dude are a brand new fab-four who simply brought the house down at Viva! Young guys playing Beatles tracks in such a fine style are sure to be in demand. Completely live and eschewing the option of wigs and costumes, Hey Dude focus on the music and they are as good as they come.

Mac*Busted are to the uninitiated a combination of McFly and Busted hit singles in terms of their set-list. This high-energy outfit are sure to do the business for teen-beat audiences at parties and functions.

Ariana Live is one of the many Ariana Grande tributes out there and this lookalike singer certainly has her audience in the palm of her tiny hand. Its double-take time in terms of lookalike quality and the business should be huge.

Girl Code are one of the many girl/boy type bands, who probably originate in dance studios and on holiday parks. Playing the sex card works for this ravishing squad of singer/dancers and the holiday park work should be there in abundance.

Beeyonce is one of the top tribute attractions represented by those nice people at Bigfoot events and the costuming her takes the eye. As for this performer, I’m pretty sure this is one of a number of good-quality tributes within a portfolio.

Trick Astley is the latest tribute act from singer Wayne Samuels, who already performs successfully as Michael Buble. Mr Samuels knows his stuff and its hard to appreciate how many hits Mr Astey has enjoyed until you hear a few of them together.

 An extraordinary vision then greeted us, in the shape of drag artiste/female impersonator Topsie Redfearn. No wigs here, the long hair is real and the comedy value is huge. Other types of venues outside the gay cabaret scene should take note this lady knows where the line is in terms of comedy material and crowd approach and I would imagine Topsie made many new friends in Blackpool.

Apparently now seeking much more land-based cabaret bookings in 2020, The Basetones are a market-leading male vocal trio, who spend much of their working lives at sea. Act-leader Simon Lowe and his all-singing. All-dancing mates are as sharp as a tack and with any luck, they should achieve their work aim of staying a bit nearer home on the work front neat year.

Stepz- The Experience is lead by dance captain and singer Rebecca Gaskell and this five-handed Steps act should appeal to many. I imagine the festivals scene would be well within their range, as such events like to tribute acts from pop music’s yesteryears.

A review of livewire singer and Bruna Mars tribute artiste JJ Gibson was published last month, after his successful appearance on the Benidorm showcase. I refer readers to my earlier most favourable review.

Wild Sax sounds like a band line-up, but it is in fact a fully-rounded one-girl and a saxophone style cabaret act. Tailor-made for the ships, this well-presented artiste will work well with a live band to back her

Alex James Slatter appeared as a late replacement for a poorly and therefore absent showcase aspirant. Reminding me very much in style and substance of either a DJ who has branched out into singing, or vice-versa, I would suggest that Mr Slatter would work very well as a show Compere and he has a fine voice.

Ultimate Dua Lipa is performed by singer Rachel Fuller, who certainly has the look and sound of the Albanian born Londoner to a tee. This is sure to be an in-vogue current tribute solo hot property.

Nick James is a smooth and soulful singer who I would suggest probably has turned solo, after plying his trade as a function band singer or possibly a jazz performer. This may explain the slightly less expansive line in crowd approach, during which Mr James appears at times to be singing to himself.

 Dubbed ‘The female Joe Longthorne, Jennie Castell is based in Brighton and despite the hindrance of a noisy and disrespectful element around the bar area, delivered the goods once again. I would refer readers to Miss Castell’s recent mega-successful appearance at the Benidorm showcase, which I reviewed last month. This artiste constitutes a quite remarkable cabaret find and just cries out to become a cruise-ship cabaret headliner.

Reyonce by Victoria Curno closed the session out, complete with her dancers and band. A higher-end tribute attraction certainly and lots of preparation has gone into producing this act.

Hats off to Compere Lee Lard who, aside from dealing with far too much noise in the room, enjoyed a much less stress-free session in technical terms to the previous day.

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