A word from the Editor’s desk for March 2016

img_1205A word from the Editor’s desk for March issue

As you read these notes I am away on the Island of Tenerife, where I am compiling reviews and writing a feature on the ex-pat Brits living in the Canary Islands who are involved in entertaining the holiday-makers. The content of my Tenerife trip can be seen in the April issue of UK Cabaret.

In this issue we feature the Peller Artistes showcase review and coverage of the annual Blackpool magic convention, which was written by magician and UK Cabaret subscriber Thomas Anthony.

As well as our much-valued regular columnists, we also feature a Show People interview with the extraordinary Burlesque performer Isabella Bliss, whose photograph adorns the cover of this month’s edition.

I do hope that artistes and agents who subscribe to this publication will notice that we have now extended the directory pages in our magazine. We have done this for two reasons. Firstly, as our subscriber numbers increase, we can no longer fit all the names on one page, without making the font on the page far too small to do the directory justice. Secondly, the addition of the extra two directory pages makes the working life of our designer John Stokes much easier and adds gravitas and a much stronger profile, in terms of presence, to those whose annual subscriptions pay for the directory entries in UK Cabaret.

An annual subscription to UK Cabaret now costs £30, which constitutes a considerable saving throughout the year. However, for those who took out a subscription during 2015 and before, the price we charge them for an annual subscription has been frozen at just £25. This is in recognition of those who got behind us early in our show business publishing adventure.  All income is ploughed straight back into the business. Our aim, is to continue with magazine and web improvements and extend the range of what we produce.

Discounted advertising packages are often available to subscribers, so come and join us!

What we really need, as our advertising base continues to grow, are regional correspondents to send in reports on what is going on in their own local area. Would you like to write reports and reviews for us from your neck of the woods? Please give me a call on Monday to Friday on 01924 890800 during office hours, or e-mail

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