A word from the Editor’s desk – May 2016

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

A word from the Editor’s desk

As the often unimpressive and anti-climactic great British summer is well and truly with us, it is now time for many professional cabaret entertainers to head for the coasts. The holiday centre cabaret market should not be underestimated. The big corporate chains such as Haven, Park Resorts and others provide copious amounts of work and their executive bookers will have been busy in winter showcase events, fitting the correctly shaped pegs into their cabaret plans.

June also brings the biggest vote in British history as the nation decides whether to stay within the framework of the EU. I thought it would be of some considerable interest to our readers to discover what artistes and their agents, who subscribe to this publication, feel about the whole political and ideological circus in Brussels. As a result our vox-pop style feature on page 6 may be worth your attention.

An annual subscription to UK Cabaret now costs £30, which constitutes a considerable saving throughout the year. However, for those who took out a subscription during 2015 and before, the price we charge them for an annual subscription has been frozen at just £25. This is in recognition of those who got behind us early in our show business publishing adventure.  All income is ploughed straight back into the business. Our aim, is to continue with magazine and web improvements and extend the range of what we produce. To take out an annual subscription please e-mail


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