A word from the Editor’s desk for April issue

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

A word from the Editor’s desk for April issue

This month we feature news and reviews from the holiday Island of Tenerife, which I hope is of much interest. Many professional entertainers from the UK have, in the past, been open about looking for free holidays and occasional work on Spanish Costas and in the Canary Islands for example, where huge ex-pat British communities have established themselves.

Despite the free movement of labour within the European Union, regulations still exist, which require a form of registration in certain regions. As for ex-pat entertainers, they often guard their regular gigs jealously, from what they quite understandably see as occasional interlopers from the UK, who can be perceived to be muscling in on their territory, albeit only temporarily.

On a wider note, if the forthcoming EU referendum goes the way of Brexit campaigners, the goalposts for entertainers moving abroad could conceivably be moved and the scene could change immeasurably.

This month we also feature a show people interview with agency figure and novelist Paul Beardow, of the Peller Artistes Company. Our show business nostalgia writer Roger Holmes produces an interesting and informative trip down memory lane, which is widely read, in particular by our fully-subscribed magazine readership. Our man of comedy Austin Knight’s written contributions are also very popular with readers, who enjoy a good laugh. Austin really has to be, in my view, one of the real unsung heroes of British comedy.

The Gossip Hoover is at it again this month and I am especially grateful to the growing band of regular advertisers, who help us to finance this publishing adventure and help us to cover our area of show business.

I was particularly interested in a recent social networking thread, which was joined by a former colleague of mine at The Stage, Derek Smith. Derek decided to offer his congratulations on the emergence of this publication. He commented on UK Cabaret and our continuing to report on this end of show business, adding; ’but it’s not the same is it’? Derek’s compliment was right on the money, but for the wrong reasons. Of course it’s not the same as pushing to get light entertainment news, reviews and features included in The Stage. A publication which, is my view, should be publishing such vital content as a matter of course. Our Google technology tells us that many thousands of individual readers are opting to actually read what we produce. As a result our advertising base is growing and we are soon to offer sponsorship opportunities for our web-site. UK Cabaret is becoming a viable business. I cannot afford altruism or sentiment. We are ready and open for business, as we attempt to support UK light entertainment, just in the same way that it seems the light entertainment and cabaret community are supporting us.

An annual subscription to UK Cabaret now costs £30, which constitutes a considerable saving throughout the year. However, for those who took out a subscription during 2015 and before, the price we charge them for an annual subscription has been frozen at just £25. This is in recognition of those who got behind us early in our show business publishing adventure. All income is ploughed straight back into the business. Our aim, is to continue with magazine and web improvements and extend the range of what we produce. To take out an annual subscription please e-mail

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