UK Tribute

UK Tribute 

This month we chat to Karen Tomlinson, a tribute artiste industry name due to her success with her Just Jessie tribute show. Jessie J is her chosen tribute subject and a recent TV appearance certainly increased Karen’s already impressive profile. Mark Ritchie asks the questions

MR: You have recently been appearing on our telly screens. Can you tell us about the programme and how it came about?

KT; I was contacted via my Instagram account and by Jokers entertainment agency. They wanted an established tribute who worked the holiday parks and would provide a contract top the Elvis tribute act, who was already involved. They quite liked the story that I had a little boy during the Covid lockdown. I started working straight after and this was my first busy summer season juggling work with motherhood and getting home at 4 or 5am and getting up again soon after. The programme was on BBC television and was called We Are England.

MR: How long have you been out there with your Jessie J show?

KT: I have been performing my show for 11 years now in holiday parks and Sensatori resorts, as well as the odd bar. I would really like to do more festivals this year. I have been offered a few more cruises this year, but I will probably wait until 2024, when my little one is a bit older.

MR: What type of venues do you find yourself working in and what is coming up for you on the UK Tribute scene this year?

KT; I am working the holiday parks mainly and a few agents ring me with other work. I feel lucky to still be so busy with the entertainment scene and the world generally changing as it has.

Details on how to contact Karen can be found within our artiste’s directory.

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