UK Cabaret readers on the EU referendum

img_1234UK Cabaret readers on the EU referendum

Whether we stay or go, next month’s referendum on membership of the European Union could be vital for many in show business. The implications of staying and leaving are many and varied. Below are our personal favourite top-ten comments from UK Cabaret readers.

LEAVE- Stewart Masters comedian from the West Country- Leave- ‘I want us to control our destiny’.

REMAIN -Catherine Usher Show business Journalist from London.’ It’s better to have support, funding and the rights of Europe if we have a Tory government’.

REMAIN- Jackson Blane, singer in Soul Inspiration band from Sheffield- Remain. ‘Why would you turn your back on the biggest trading block, aside from China’.

LEAVE -Steve Lowrey, entertainment agent from Shout Promotions in Manchester.  ‘We need control of our laws, our borders and how we spend our money’.

LEAVE -Johnnie Martell, entertainer from Leeds.  ‘I believe in Great Britain- not Great Europe’

LEAVE -Dan Knights- from the cabaret duo Linacre and Knights. ‘Get us out now, there’ll be no trading block at all if the floodgates stay open’.

LEAVE- Tony Wayne, vocal technique tutor. ‘It took a long time but, with the help of our government, Germany is finally achieving victory in Europe’.

LEAVE- John Mycroft- singer and entertainer from Yorkshire.’ Britain is finished if Cameron manipulates the result of the EU referendum’.

REMAIN- Paul Tayler, Tribute artiste. ‘ We need to stick together, rather than go our separate ways’.

LEAVE- Mark Ritchie- UK Cabaret managing editor. ‘Read the History books, wake-up, smell the coffee and get out of this undemocratic Brussels cabal. Then slowly rebuild our UK’.

As a footnote to this, we are aware that the Leave people outnumber the Remain voters amongst contributions above. The fact is that we could not find any more of our readers, who wish to remain in the EU and were prepared to reveal their voting intentions, or be quoted on this page.

No doubt all will be revealed next month.


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