UK Cabaret announce new subscription rates

UK Cabaret announce new subscription rates In order to help UK Cabaret continue to strengthen and improve what we over to the UK light entertainment scene, we are making what we feel are some necessary changes to our subscription rates.

From January 1st 2016 our annual subscription rates will increase from £25 a year to £29.95 per year.

However, for existing subscribers who have supported us since the start, the existing £25 rate will be frozen indefinitely.

Our online content manager Martin Brown has informed me of the latest Google analytics statistics. Our site is regularly hit now by over 11,500 unique visitors since we launched last year, with the most popular viewing day being Friday’s. Almost 1.5 million hits turning into 11,500 or so regular individual web visitors, is something we are immensely proud of.

Turning to the magazine, I have been asked by a large number of readers if we will continue to go to the consider expense of printing a magazine every month and posting it out to all our subscribers. The answer in the short term is a definite yes, but as costs increase we will have to look at the possibility of going online only, unless we receive more in terms of advertising revenue from our readers and existing subscribers.

Print subscribers will continue to receive a monthly magazine, an online advertisement (providing the subscribers design the artwork) and a business listing, if required, all as part of their annual subscription.

Online readers who log onto our site are not eligible to reach business listings or advertisements. Advertising can be purchased by non-subscribers and are rates are available by e-mailing us at However, UK Cabaret subscribers will continue to receive a whopping 50% discount on all advertising orders.

We hope to attract even more subscribers and readers as we continue our fledgling adventure in publishing.

Thank you for your continued support, which we really do appreciate.


Mark Ritchie

Managing editor UK Cabaret




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