Stars In Your Eyes – another viewpoint

Stars In Your Eyes – another viewpoint

Harry HillBack in the 90s, Stars In Their Eyes was an essential part of my pre-pub n club preparation routine. As much a part as that other popular show, Night Fever, but with ordinary folk rather than the glamour models and err, the failed glamour models. Stars In Their Eyes was a comforting dollop of fluffy nonsense to get me in the mood and an excuse to break out the vino (not that much of an excuse was needed). My flatmates and I would pick our winner and let destiny take its course. I admit there was a certain amount of Schadenfreude but isn’t that what it’s all about? Serious music critics we were not but we knew a sound-alike when we heard one.
Now that I’m a little, ahem… older, I don’t tend to bother with Saturday night TV but last Saturday was different. Finding myself sans plans and half-way down a bottle of Pinot Noir, I had a quick flick through the channels and stumbled across Harry Hill’s Stars In Their Eyes. Harry probably isn’t to everyone’s taste but I love his particular brand of silly so I poured another glass and sat back to enjoy.
I wasn’t disappointed. Gone were the serious “fly on the wall” glimpses into the contestants’ boring day jobs and instead a big hello to some slapstick wackiness. Admittedly, most of the contestants won’t feature at your local comedy club any time soon but give them a break, they were there to sing. In any case I thought their sometimes uncomfortable delivery just added to the new vibe of the show and was the perfect foil to their singing prowess.
It’s all too easy for so-called Reality shows to fall into the trap of taking themselves too seriously. I’m glad to see that hasn’t happened to Stars In Their Eyes. Tuning in next week? You betcha!
Bring on the Badgers!

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