Sir Ken Dodd

As the tributes continue to pour in for the one-man show business phenomenon that was Sir Ken Dodd, we are pleased to publish our own personal tribute.

Andy Eastwood- Musician entertainer and regular touring co-star. ‘I have lost a mentor and a true friend’.

Alex Belfield- entertainer.’ I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have had him in my life’.

Grant Saunders- comedy hypnotist. ‘Such sad new about Sir Ken Dodd- comedy legend’.

Jimmy Cricket- comedian. ‘Ken always said his gifts, his talents, were from God. And comedians like Ken, they only come along once in a lifetime. We thank God that he came along in our lifetime’.

Mark Ritchie- UK Cabaret managing editor. ‘I only ever met Doddy on a handful of occasions. The first time was at a holiday park, where I had been roped in at the eleventh hour to Compere the show, when the resident Compere fell ill. The year was 1989. I stayed right until the end of the first show, in Doddy remained on stage non-stop for two-hours and 44 minutes.’ ‘Years later, whilst working for The Stage newspaper, I was pleased to be invited along to the splendid evening’s festivities, when Ken became a freeman of the city of Liverpool’. ‘I had another encounter with the comedy genius at a rugby club ‘do’ in Widnes, where a young protegee of Doddy was appearing with me and a famous rugby player called Ellery Hanley. After Doddy’s young friend failed to make much of an impression with his clean and clever material, I decided to go out and give them the blue stuff. I didn’t go down all that well myself, but at least I was getting laughs. About halfway through my spot, I looked up to see the light reflecting on a huge smoked, plate glass window above me. When I realised that the great Ken Dodd was actually watching me, it took me a while to recover my composure. When the show was over, Ken came backstage and delivered a friendly lecture about my material. I was so proud to speak with him. I don’t think we will ever see his like again’.

Ken Dodd- This audience tonight represents the crème de la crème. That’s French for evaporated milk’.

Good night- God Bless

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