Show business Gossip Hoover

Show business Gossip Hoover   
  This is brand new to UK Cabaret. The show business gossip hoover presents news and bits of ‘goss’ for the consumption of fellow show business professionals.

Stage hypnotist Ken Webster, currently in his umpteenth Blackpool summer season at The Horseshoe Bar on Blackpool Pleasure Beach, is cock-a hoop at the prospect of meeting one of his idols John Lydon, of The Sex Pistols fame. Lydon (AKA Johnny Rotten) and Webster are about to work together on a television project. Could this be a case of punk meets hunk? Webster’s glamorous other half, the agent Tara Hague must think so.

On to the West Country, where comedian Tank Sherman is becoming noted for his Facebook rants. Tank resembles a much smaller military vehicle these days after a massive exercise in slimming. His amusing rants on anything from stag and hen parties filling aeroplanes where he is trying to have an en-route kip to his fly-back gigs, to his fellow acts enjoying tip-top guys, whilst others knowing they have died the proverbial death, are now becoming social networking legion.

That splendid tenor singer Carl Taylor is nowadays performing a full Pavarotti tribute. One recent booking at The Kenton Theatre must have been on add one. The promoter of Carl’s show was none other than Ed Simons, who was the self-same promoter involved in the late Luciano’s last UK gig in Hyde Park. Surreal!

Sheffield agent Ros Show has just celebrated her birthday. Nothing remarkable there of course. We all have one every year. Her majesty The Queen has two. The difference is that Ros has admitted that she has just turned 70. I’m sure all your young male admirers will be amazed as her affable hubby Terry continues to beam with pride on the arm of the glamorous Ms Shaw.

Female impersonators Ian Norton AKA Strawberry Whip and Craig Deagan AKA Sylvia Jubilee are unwitting competitors in a game of ‘frock around the clock’. Both of these dolly divas are investing heavily in more elaborate, not to mention expensive and flashy stage dresses. The Hoover is finding himself strangely attracted to both of these market-leading comedy attractions.

Do you have any hot-gossip for the Hoover? You know where to find us.  

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