Review Grace Lamont by Mark Ritchie

Review Grace Lamont by Mark Ritchie

War-time commemoration concert

South Kirkby miners club

Summer 2014

Reviewer: Mark Ritchie

Grace LamontDuring this year of commemoration, it seems that everyone who is able to sing and wave a union jack simultaneously has been pointing out that it is indeed a long way to Tipperary.

Singer Grace Lamont entertained a full house of senior citizens, some of whom may just have been advanced enough in years to remember some of the songs first time around.

The patriotism was baked right in as the audience were armed to the teeth with a plethora of flag-waving paraphernalia. The songs came thick and fast from this personable Yorkshire based singing star.

A film and soundtrack accompaniment set the mood and everyone sang along with apposite gusto.

A century has elapsed since the 1914-18 trench based blood-bath began and immense sacrifices were made by so many. Anyone looking for a musical and entertainment based commemoration of the Great War and of course the jitterbugging and comedy based songs made popular during the second world war of 1939 to 1945 should look no further.

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